Who We Are


  The Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop is a registered society organizing music camps since 1992. We operate on a non-profit basis. 
Each year we host a Spring Jam in March, a Summer Camp in June, and a Fall Jam in November. 

For information on our camps please contact our registrar, Kathy Francis: 604-929-3175  email: gsgwregistrar@gmail.com

GSGW Current Directors

GSGW is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors who are:
 Rosemary Campbell, Andrew Drinnan, Kathy Francis, Jean Strachan, Miranda Ting, Barry Truter, and Wahl

GSGW Founders


Granville Airton, Julie Valenti, Barry Truter, Mark Sheldon, and Viv Ruskin (missing from photo)
 planned and organized the first Summer Camp in June 1992.

GSGW Past Directors

A word of appreciation for our past directors
 Granville Airton, Penny Sidor, Jennifer West, Alan Martin, and Vivian Chenard
 for their time and energy while on the GSGW Board.

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